Oracle Quiz Answer – Section 1

Test: Quiz: Introduction to The Oracle Academy
1. There is a big increase in demand for Information Technology professionals in today’s market. True or False?

2. Why is it important to identify the business requirements before beginning to program a new system?
It is not important to have a blueprint for database design and programs. You should just start coding as soon as possible, so you can meet your deadlines.
It clarifies what a business wants to accomplish, so that you can get your database design and coding started correctly.
It allows application development to be conducted without having to consider database design.
It keeps businesses honest.

3. What are the major content areas covered in the Oracle Academy?
Database programming and Computer repair.
Database configuration and performance tuning.
Data Modeling, SQL, and PL/SQL
Data Modeling, PJava and C+

Test: Quiz: Data vs Information
1. How do you turn “data” into “information”
By testing it
By querying it or accessing it
By storing it on a server
By storing it in a database

2. Which of the following are examples of data vs. information.
A. Student age vs. average age of all students in class
B. Bank deposit amount vs. total account balance
C. Winning time for a race vs. length of race
D. Price of computer vs. total sales of all computers for a company
E. Both A and B

3. Consider an example where an Oracle database works “behind the scenes” for common internet activity. Which of the following best describes a database transaction?
A person searching an airline website to find all available fares for a flight.
A business identifies what processes it uses for purchasing inventory.
A student places a link to their homepage from the school’s website.
A person looking in the newspaper for good internet sites.

4. What are the results of having all your data in one central location?
Improved performance
Easier access to data

Updates are harder to execute
Decreased performance

Test: Quiz: History of the Database
1. Oracle was one of the first relational database systems available commercially? True or False?

2. Which of the following is the correct order for the Database Development Process?
Strategy, Analysis, Design, Build
Analysis, Strategy, Design, Build
Build, Strategy, Analysis, Design
Design, Build, Strategy, Analysis

3. Data Modeling is the last stage in the development of a database. True or False?

Test: Quiz: Major Transformations in Computing
1. Personal computers (PCs) have been in existence since 1950. True or False?

2. Which of the following is NOT a type of database?

3. Databases function more efficiently as:
Multiple applications on multiple client-servers
Integrated software on fast processing servers
Client-based software on client-servers
Client-based software on personal computers

4. Users would use which of the following software to access essential business applications?
GUI Interface
Internet Browser

Operating System

5. In the grid computing model, resources are pooled together for efficiency. True or False?

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